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If you are a homebuyer, or a professional working directly with a homebuyer such as a buyer broker, buyer agent, attorney or even a mortgage lender, you need to take advantage of the Form 264 Appraisal™.

What is a Form 264 Appraisal™?  A Form 264 Apprasial™ is provided for the homebuyer taking full advantage of the new Appraisal Contingency found in Wisconsin Offer to Purchase contracts.  The Appraisal Contingency™ is the most powerful tool buyers can use to make sure they are getting a fair price for the home.

What makes the Form 264 Appraisal™ different?  Oftentimes, with appraisals completed for financing, there is pressure to conform to underwriting rules and/or accommodate interests to the transaction.  The Form 264 Appraisal™ does not have to conform to arbitrary standards. When completing a Form 264 Appraisal™ we don't worry about accommodating parties to the transaction.  It's a completely unbiased, independent appraisal of the real estate that guarantees the homebuyer is protected from overpaying for the property. Buyers do not overpay because sellers are compelled to sell at the appraised value.  See our FAQ section for more detail on how this transaction mechanism works.

Here's how to get a Form 264 Appraisal™:  When filling out an offer to purchase, make sure the Appraisal Contingency on line 264 of the WB-11 Offer to Purchase form is selected. (It also works for condominiums and 2-4 units) The appraisal contingency allows the buyer to directly engage an appraiser to provide an independent valuation.  Call us immediately so we can help finalize the price negotiations quickly. Do not rely on a lender!  Federal rules governing selection of the appraiser by a lender do not allow anyone influence over who is providing the appraisal.  Lenders often use a separate management company and have no say over who is selected. Often it's just an appraiser willing to take the lowest fee. A low-fee inexperienced appraiser is not going to do the work necessary to make sure the report is of superior quality.  A real estate purchase is the most expensive transaction one can undertake. Retain the services of the best, most experienced, most competent appraiser.  Donald J. Moore is the top real estate appraiser in Wisconsin. He is the only professional providing the Form 264 Appraisal™.  Don't accept inferior quality when your real estate purchase is on the line. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Read our FAQ section for more specific information about the Form 264 Appraisal™

Contact Donald J. Moore, Wisconsin Certified General Appraiser No. 92,  and learn more about the great benefits of the Form 264 Appraisal™

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